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Paz Group – Israel’s leading real estate consulting company

Paz Group is an active agent for change throughout the real estate market, recognizing this industry’s profound influence on the national economy. The Group provides a range of services to developers, landowners, public companies, government ministries, and the financial sector. Our multidisciplinary consulting team delivers the full spectrum of real estate services, including appraisals, construction loan monitoring, and statutory compliance. Widely known as the foremost authority in the field, Paz Group pairs powerful analytical capabilities with on-the-ground expertise, conducting extensive, in-depth research studies. This strong strategic synergy between services is optimized to deliver maximum results for every client and the entire industry.

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Exemplifying professional excellence in all activities
Continually monitoring and enhancing our service quality
Pioneering new tools and creative solutions for the real estate world
  • ISO9001

Paz Group Departments

Our four departments pursue professional excellence while enhancing their dynamic synergy and individual expertise in order to provide personalized solutions in four core fields: research & consultancy, engineering, financial oversight, and real estate appraisal. Each department’s skilled staff is always available to advise and support clients, providing the best solution tailored to customer needs throughout every stage of the project lifecycle, from the initial identification of an opportunity, through examination and evaluation, to actual implementation.

Paz Group utilizes its vast know-how and experience to provide top-tier, innovative services to its clients.

Paz Group strives to be a leading force, propelling Israel’s real estate industry towards a better future.

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Lectures & Training

Professional growth is a must in an industry that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Knowledge comes at a premium in the dynamic real estate market, and expertise is therefore one of the pillars Paz Group is proud to stand on. Our consultants regularly attend seminars and training sessions taught by their colleagues, as well as lectures and meetings with the foremost experts from the real estate sector. Paz Group employees are also highly sought-after speakers invited to contribute their vast know-how to all types of real estate training programs, and to present at major conferences worldwide.

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